Invite to Access For Mortage Borrowers


This guide outlines the process of inviting a borrower to request access to their tax data. There are two ways to invite the borrower through the ModernTax web portal:
  • Invite individually via shareable link
  • import a CSV file to invite multiple borrowers at once.
The borrower will then receive an invitation email that includes a call to action that will open the ModernTax login modal experience.
The borrower will be prompted to log into their tax return platform such as TurboTax and complete the process.

Invite Individually

From the ‘Borrowers’ page within the portal click on the ‘Share’ button to open the modal.
Copy and share the link to invite borrowers.

Invite via Import CSV

From the ‘Borrowers’ page click on the ‘Import CSV’ button to open the modal. You can upload a file if you already have a CSV file to import. There is also a link to download a sample template for the borrower. Click on ‘Import Data’ button once you’ve uploaded the CSV file and the invitaitons will be sent to your borrowers in bulk.

Invitation Email

The borrower will receive an email each time an invitation is sent through ModernTax. This email contains a call to action that opens a login page. The borrower then enters their credentials once they select their tax return platform such as TurboTax to complete the process.

Borrowers Page

Each invitation that gets sent to the borrower is tracked and added as a line item in the ‘Borrowers’ page table view in ModernTax. Parameters such as Name, Status, Created, and a link to their transcripts are available on this page.