Borrower's Walkthrough


This is a step-by-step walkthrough of the borrower's experience with ModernTax. The main objective for the borrower is to complete a login sequence in order to provide access to their tax data for the loan processor.

Step 1 - Receive Email

The borrower will receive an email from a loan processor when an invitation has been triggered through ModernTax. This email contains branded content including merchant's logo, color, text, and a button to accept the invitation. The borrower then clicks on the "Log In" button that opens a web page to begin the ModernTax login experience.

Step 2 - Login

The ModernTax login experience is presented in a small modal view. They will need to click the "Continue" button to proceed.

Step 3 - Select Product

The borrower will be presented with several tax related software products to choose from such as TurboTax, Carta,

Step 4 - Log into Account

Once the borrower selects a product, such as TurboTax example shown below, they will be prompted to enter their product-specific login credentials. Note: there may be instances where a two-factor authentication will be presented to the borrower.

Process Complete

The confirmation screen will appear once the borrower successfully logs into the product they've selected. They are finished with the ModernTax experience and the loan processor will receive an email as well as see the added borrower statistic in their dashboard.